Digital Printing 

We are committed to contribute to the general improvement of the sustainability in the textile printing industry

The textile printing industry lies since several years under the severe scrutiny of various governmental entities and NGOs, in particular Greenpeace, which push it to become more eco-friendly and sustainable. In particular, the reduction of water consumed during the production of printed textile has become one of the most important missions for the whole textile industry.

As an eco-responsible company, we are committed to contribute actively to the general improvement of the sustainability in the textile printing industry by developing a series of solutions spurring the adoption of digital printing, which we consider as being a step in the right direction.

Pre treatments for all digital textile printing inks

For all types of inks and fabrics we are offering optimized textile preparations for digital printing. We have designed those pre-treatments to control the penetration and the bleeding of the digital inks on the surface of textile fabrics, while enabling optimal colour fixation and further minimizing the dyestuff waste.

Digital Inks range for Kyocera Printing Heads

With our Japanese partner we developed a special range of inks: reactive, disperse and acid with high color yield, runnability and fastness.

Other ingredients

Besides the solution for  digital printing on textile presented, we have also developed spefic range of products such as ESAJET, binders for inks intended to be printed digitally on textile fabrics and FLUIJET®, dispersing agents for very stable and fine dispersed particles of pigments and dyes.