Digital Textile Congress 2023 

Ghent, 28-29 September 2023

Thanks to more than a centenary expertise in the textile industry, Lamberti is glad to give a talk at the 6th Digital Textile Congress, where we will share our point of view on the history of digital textile printing, while presenting our contribution to enabling the take-off of digital pigment printing, which is still the least developed of the textile chemistries, despite its undisputable ecological arguments.

Considering that the printhead clogging has regularly slowed down the growth of the digital pigmented inks, we will present our range of Esajet binders, which deliver an excellent performance on the fabric but not inside the printheads! We will also show how the Thijet 170 thickener can efficiently reduce the use of VOC in high-viscosity inkjet inks.

This international conference, organized by Unitex with the Support of the ESMA, intends to bring forward the best research, and latest developments on digital technologies, including hardware, software, digital inks, printed materials and their related applications. It’s about all the aspects of digital technologies that go into making creative, functional textiles, from clothing to soft signage, and technical, outdoor, and indoor textiles.