Our Scientific Statement 

Chemistry that unfolds bright trails of textile

It’s hard to imagine living in a world without textile. Our modern life is symbolically wrapped up in yarns of different fabrics, starting from garments to industrial materials with technical purposes.

The activities of our company started more than 100 years ago from the Textile sector. The historical presence in the most important and international textile markets, together with the experience gained in our own specialized laboratories allowed us to develop a comprehensive range of Additives, Auxiliaries, Pigments and Polymers for Printing and Finishing of Fibers and Fabrics. 

Our research and development is primarily bent around the idea of  tailor-made solutions, that ensure innovation, reliability and a competent technical service for our customers worldwide.

With a specific emphasis on innovation towards a different system, a new textile economy represents for our group  an opportunity to deliver a substantially better economic, societal, and environmental outcomes.